Dutch Ovens

Dutch Ovens are one of the most useful cooking vessels you can have in your kitchen. Hesslebach Dutch Ovens are used for braising, sauteing, roasting, frying, steaming, boiling, baking, simmering, and when the food is done, the Dutch Oven can be the beautiful centerpiece on your dining table to serve from.

Hesslebach Cookware is the first Dutch Oven made of cast stainless-steel alloy, which is a perfect complement to the shortcomings of the cast iron pot. It's rustproof, doesn't need seasoning or maintenance, has fast heat transfer and high heat retention, and can withstand three times the temperature of ordinary enamel-coated cast iron. It's non-toxic, non reactive, won't chip or crack, works with all types of ranges no matter what the heat source, and it's dishwasher safe... and it's beautiful!

The weighty and precisely bonded lid, seals the pot and heats four surfaces, right and left, top and bottom, circulating the heat warming and cooking evenly. It creates a Self-Basting cooking environment. It preserves the heat inside the pot and cooks with the moisture in food, protecting the natural taste and nutrients.

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