Frequently Asked Questions.

Yes, Hesslebach USA’s cast stainless steel cookware can be used on all induction cooktops.

Yes, of course! All Hesslebach USA products are covered by a 30-day returns and refunds policy. Full details of this policy are available on ourRefund Policy page. Alternatively, you can contact us if you need more assistance.

Unlike cast iron, Hesslebach USA’s revolutionary cast stainless steel cookware is no maintenance – it is even dishwasher-safe! As with all cookware, it is recommended to wash and sanitize your new cookware before first use with hot, soapy water or baking soda to remove any trace elements of grease or dirt left over from the product’s manufacturing, transportation, and storage. For more information, please visit our Care & Cleaning page.

Hesslebach USA’s advanced cast stainless steel engineering will never chip, crack, rust, or scratch and withstands up to three times the heat of enamel-coated cast iron while also being easier to handle due to its lighter weight.

All Hesslebach USA cast stainless steel cookware is non-toxic. This is due to its super-strength fused ceramic-enamel body, which uses ionic bonding technology to ensure that the coating will never chip, crack, leak, or scratch contaminants into your food.