A Healthy Life begins with the work of our Highly Skilled Artisans

Hesslebach’s stainless steel casting pots were created by highly skilled craftsmen with decades of experience creating stainless steel castings for demanding clientele worldwide, from Olympic equestrian equipment, fittings for the finest hotels in Las Vegas to delicate touches on the sets of the legendary Hollywood movie epic, Lord of the Rings. From our facilities in South Korea, we’ve met each challenge with passion and confidence in the quality of Hesslebach’s exclusive technology and our ability to meet the most stringent requirements.

After six years of research and experimentation creating the first-ever Cast Stainless Steel, Hesslebach is prepared to face the most discriminating customer: the gourmet chef.

Our claims may sound bold, but we’re convinced that you’ll soon agree that our stainless steel casting pots, which no other artisan can produce, not only equal the quality and advantages of iron but allow for a superior cooking experience and ease of maintenance. Hesslebach aims to make every aspect of your kitchen a sophisticated respite and bring pleasure to maintaining your healthy lifestyle.

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