Besides Dutch Ovens - the Hesslebach's product line includes - Braiser Pans and Grill Pans, with the same manufacturing process. Hesslebach cooks uniformly with high thermal conductivity and heat conservation  - that keeps food fresh and tasty. It makes cooking easier, healthier and with more taste.  The internal fusing of the coating, ensures the ultimate protection from abrasion and ease of cleaning. 

This cookware is for all types of ranges. The underside accepts any firepower with indiscriminate tolerance. Hesslebach's base side is a good example of stainless steel precision casting technology. The clean and spotless stainless steel is also the signature of Hesslebach. It's the foundation of the Cookware and a symbol of confidence. Hesslebach delivers outstanding thermal conductivity... no matter the heat source -  Gas, Electric & Induction stoves. It's oven proof and dishwasher safe.   

Cast Stainless Steel  - The world's ultimate Cookware!!